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One-two Punch: Large, dangerous storm bringing snow, severe thunderstorms to move across central, eastern U.S. this week



Businesses should prepare now for the largest storm of the season, which will bring heavy snow, severe thunderstorms, and damaging winds this week.

Key Highlights

Threats: Heavy snow, severe thunderstorms, heavy rain, tornadoes, flooding, dangerous winds, travel disruptions, road closures, power outages

Areas affected:Central U.S., Eastern U.S., Southeastern U.S.

When: Mon. Jan 8 - Wed. Jan, 10

Snow to cause business disruptions from Central to Eastern U.S. 

Days after the first major winter storm caused business disruptions, another large, dangerous system will bring snow and severe thunderstorms across the United States early this week.

This major storm will bring a large area of accumulating snow from the central and southern Plains through the Midwest and into the Great Lakes region through Tuesday night. Up to 12 inches of snow can fall from northern Kansas to northern Michigan, with an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 20 inches.

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AccuWeather meteorologists are concerned about blizzard conditions developing as the storm strengthens. That could lead to dangerous travel conditions and the closure of highways and airports.


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As the storm moves into the Northeast, up to 3 inches of snow can fall from western West Virginia into Maine. An area of up to 12 inches can fall across portions of northern New Hampshire and northern Maine with an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 18 inches.


Businesses in the path of this system should prepare for the following:

  • Retail: Shovel and salt walkways, dry high-traffic areas inside near entrances, and keep all floors clear to help prevent falls and reduce liability
  • Expect ground logistics disruption from snow-covered roads
  • Business interruption due to power outages
  • Prioritize cold weather concerns for outdoor workers

Businesses using AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service™ are the best prepared for winter storms, and their employees are safer because they receive the most advance notice and more accurate, pinpoint forecasts. Clients received the start and stop times and accumulation totals throughout the storm. Receiving more advance notice allows businesses to plan accordingly and adjust staffing levels. 

Protect your business and team members by making the best weather-impacted decisions with AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service, backed by forecasts and warnings with Superior Accuracy™. Businesses get location-specific forecasts and 24x7x365 consulting services for snow, ice, blizzards, and other winter-hazard events. 

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Severe thunderstorms impact businesses in the Southeastern U.S. 

On Tuesday, the storm will impact the Southeast coast, with the risk of severe thunderstorms, including damaging wind gusts, flooding downpours, and tornadoes. The AccuWeather Local StormMax™ for wind is 70 mph on Monday and 80 mph on Tuesday.


This storm can significantly disrupt business operations and supply chains, causing a loss of revenue.  Businesses in the path of this system should prepare for the following:

  • Identify hazards most likely to impact your location & cause business disruptions 
  • Inventory equipment and identify all weather-related thresholds 
  • Expect ground logistics disruption from road closures and downed trees
  • Business interruption due to extended power outages

Make the best-informed decisions with AccuWeather’s SkyGuard Notifications, with proven Superior Accuracy™

AccuWeather’s SkyGuard® Notifications are valuable for businesses preparing for severe weather events. The service provides customized weather forecasts and alerts tailored to your specific location and industry, helping you make informed decisions about when to close your business, evacuate your employees, and take other protective measures.

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The AccuWeather Advantage

The benefits of AccuWeather go beyond protecting the lives of employees and customers. Businesses will also reduce your operational costs through better planning and mitigation efforts, allowing you to make better weather-impacted decisions. AccuWeather forecasts will help you make the right decisions sooner and faster, keeping your people safer, saving you money overall, eliminating angst and stress, reducing your risk and liability, reducing losses, and better protecting your reputation.


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