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Increasing risk for dangerous storms this week, large tornadoes possible


Businesses should be on high alert this week, with elevated chances for severe weather across several states

Key Highlights

Threats: Tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, flash flooding, lightning

States affected: OK, TX, MO, AR, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, GA

When: Tuesday, March 16 - Wednesday, March 17

Atmospheric Set-up

The spring severe weather season is already off to an active start, with seventeen reported tornadoes on Saturday. That trend will persist into this week, with all of the necessary ingredients coming together for a potentially volatile severe weather event to unfold across the central and southern parts of the country.

A strong cold front pushing eastward through the Southern Plains will clash with moisture streaming northward from the Gulf of Mexico. These ingredients will combine with instability and shear - two necessary factors for the formation of tornado-producing supercell thunderstorms.


Nocturnal Severe Weather

The threat for storms late Tuesday will be centered on the I-35 corridor, with wind and hail as the most likely threats. A few isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out, but flash flooding and lightning will be the most prominent hazards during the period.

Businesses with assets in Dallas/Fort Worth, Oklahoma City and Wichita should ensure appropriate on-site personnel are able to receive SkyGuard® alerts as actionable triggers within their emergency response plan. 


Greatest Risk 

Heading into mid-week, the threat for severe storms shifts into the Lower Mississippi Valley. AccuWeather meteorologists are anticipating Wednesday to be the most volatile day of severe weather, with a considerable risk of large hail, damaging winds and dangerous tornadoes. 

These storms will pose a significant threat to life and property, as well as the potential for prolonged business disruption. Make sure your organization is fully prepared for severe weather by incorporating site-specific alerts into your emergency procedures. 

Thus far, all tornado-related deaths have occurred during late-night storms. Given the high likelihood of storms on both Tuesday and Wednesday occurring after dark, it’s critical that protective action be taken as soon as a warning is received, as visual confirmation of the threat will not be possible.

Protect your employees and assets by signing up for a SkyGuard demo today. 

  • Expect ground logistics disruption due to downed trees and power lines, especially along portions of I-20, I-30, I-35, I-40, and I-55
  • Test your communications to ensure alerts are able to be received and disseminated to on-site staff
  • Inventory equipment and identify all weather-related thresholds 
  • Storm shelters should be well-marked and equipped with a disaster supply kit
  • Integrate protective actions directly into warning messages
  • Temporary structures designed for COVID-19 response will be especially at risk from high winds, tornadoes and hail
  • Protect your company against liability by ensuring all employees know the actions to take during severe weather

AccuWeather For Business will be hosting a mid-season severe weather update and discussion on preparedness and safety with a major university on April 14.



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