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Heat wave gives farmers a scare with this year’s pumpkin crop


A September heat wave has some farmers in California scrambling to save their prized pumpkins.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather meteorologists accurately forecast a heat wave for parts of the west

Temperatures in California topped 10-25 degrees above normal earlier this month

Farmers turn to past experiences to identify ways to salvage pumpkin crop


Pumpkins are a holiday staple for Halloween, and the extreme heatwave that hit California in September has farmers looking for ways to avoid a significant crop loss as they saw as a result of extreme temperatures last summer. Temperatures in California topped 10-25 degrees above normal over Labor Day weekend, with some parts out West reaching into the triple digits. Pumpkins are sensitive to intense heat and can be sunburned. The crop can become mush if farmers don’t take precautions leading to devastating losses.



Farmers learned from last year’s heat wave and are working to protect pumpkins by allowing plant leaves to provide shade and protection from the brutal heat. They’re also adjusting the soil to help build up nutrients.

Some other situations your business might encounter and need to prepare for because of intense heatwaves are:  

  • Severe pollution could cause air travel delays and shipment disruptions. 
  • Heat-related illnesses for those that work outdoors. 
  • The negative impact on job performance indoors and outdoors because of outdoor air quality concerns. 

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