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Businesses across the Great Lakes could get up to 2 feet of snow, causing significant disruptions this week



AccuWeather’s snow experts warn businesses about lake-effect snowfall that could bring up to 2 feet of snow, causing major disruptions in operations, supply chains, and logistics.

Key Highlights

Threats: Heavy snowfall, damaging winds, power outages, dangerous travel, road closures.

Areas affected: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York

When: Monday, Nov. 27 - Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023

AccuWeather’s expert meteorologists warn businesses to prepare now for a lake-effect event that could bring heavy snow to the Great Lakes this week. Businesses should prepare for disruptions in operations, supply chains, and logistics.

The heaviest snow accumulation will stay along the eastern sides of the lakes - with parts of northern Michigan, northwestern Pennsylvania and northern New York receiving up to 2 feet of snow.

Businesses at risk of the heaviest snow are located in northern Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio, Erie, Pennsylvania and Buffalo, New York. There is an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 48 inches. AccuWeather’s snow experts say some areas could have snowfall rates of 1-3 inches an hour, causing dangerous travel, power outages, and whiteout conditions.

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In addition to the heavy snowfall, these regions could also endure winds of up to 40 mph. Areas along the Great Lakes' eastern shores, the Appalachians' spine, the Massachusetts Cape, and coastal Maine can gust up to 50 mph. There is an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 65 mph for these areas.

Due to strong winds, businesses could have to deal with travel disruptions, as well as damaged equipment, and property. Travel disruptions, blowing decorations, and localized damage can occur due to the strong winds.


Businesses in the path of this system should prepare for the following:

  • Retail: Shovel and salt walkways, dry high-traffic areas inside near entrances, and keep all floors clear to help prevent falls and reduce liability
  • Expect ground logistics disruption from snow-covered roads
  • Business interruption due to power outages
  • Prioritize cold weather concerns for outdoor workers

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