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AccuWeather gives New York businesses nearly an hour of advance notice to prepare for an EF-2 tornado

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Businesses in Upstate New York had enough time to seek shelter and prepare for a rare EF-2 tornado thanks to AccuWeather’s advance notice.

Key Highlights

Five days before the storm, AccuWeather’s meteorologists highlighted the risks for severe thunderstorms with the potential for tornadoes

AccuWeather meteorologists issued a SkyGuard® Tornado Warning, which provided 53 minutes of advance notice

These early warnings and alerts provided by AccuWeather helped businesses and communities be better prepared and safer

AccuWeather For Business provided valuable extra time for companies and communities across the Eastern U.S. to prepare for severe weather in April 2023. A strong storm system produced strong thunderstorms, flash floods, and tornadoes that caused significant damage to buildings and serious injuries. AccuWeather’s expert meteorologists provided more advance notice than any other source, including giving nearly an hour of advance notice before a tornado touchdown in Upstate New York.

On Tuesday, April 18, five days before the storms, AccuWeather meteorologists highlighted the risk for severe thunderstorms across East Coast, including the potential for damaging winds, large hail, isolated tornadoes, and flash flooding. Our experts accurately identified impacted areas, including southeastern PA, through the Mid-Atlantic into the Carolinas. AccuWeather also provided tailored briefings to clients which helped them make informed business decisions. 

AccuWeather also provided advanced warnings to its clients in Upstate New York when a rare E-F2 tornado touched down in Sullivan County on April 22. Our meteorologists issued a SkyGuard® Tornado Warning, which provided 53 minutes of advance notice before the rapidly developing tornado touched down. This warning allowed people and businesses to be aware of the imminent danger and seek safe shelter. Other sources did not issue a warning until one minute after the tornado developed.

Superior Accuracy™: Better informed, Better protected, Better prepared.

AccuWeather For Business uses patented weather technology that provides the earliest and most accurate notifications. This technology enables AccuWeather to provide timely alerts and warnings to its clients, including businesses, emergency services, and other organizations. AccuWeather For Business provides 2x the advance notice when tornadoes are in the forecast compared to all other weather providers, including government sources. 

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While we cannot prevent tornadoes from occurring, we can take steps to minimize their impact and support those affected by these catastrophic storms. Be proactive with AccuWeather SkyGuard Warnings backed by Superior Accuracy, which will deliver site-specific alerts and warnings well before severe weather hits, giving you much-needed time to prepare. Want to learn more?  Demo SkyGuard today. 

Be better prepared when severe weather is in the forecast. 

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