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5 fall weather risks your business can't ignore

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Fall presents several weather-related challenges for your business. That’s why it’s crucial to be well-informed, protected and prepared.

Key Highlights

A business continuity plan should include strategies to deal with flood risks.

Fall is also a wildfire season in some regions. But you don’t have to be in the path of a wildfire to be impacted by one.

Some fall weather risks can affect employee health and productivity.

It's important that companies and organizations in all industries have a business continuity plan to protect their operations. When developing your plan, it's crucial to recognize the unique weather challenges the fall season can bring. AccuWeather's track record of Superior Accuracy™ in weather forecasting, communications and advance warnings is your best ally in making the best-informed decisions to protect your business, employees and customers. Here are the five fall weather risks you should consider and how AccuWeather For Business can help you prepare for them effectively.

1. Heavy Rainfall and Flooding: Heavy rain can happen in any season, but especially in fall months, which can lead to flooding. This can disrupt operations, lead to property damage, and result in financial losses.  Each poses risks to the safety of employees and customers. Businesses can also see supply chain disruptions affecting the timely delivery of goods and services, further impacting businesses. Both heavy rain and flooding could lead to property damage, equipment failure, and potential liability issues. Not to mention risks to the safety of employees and customers.  A well-prepared business continuity plan should include strategies for dealing with flood risks. AccuWeather's forecasts provide real-time information on precipitation and flood potential, allowing you to make timely decisions and minimize damage.

Town flooded

2. Windstorms and Hurricanes: Windstorms and hurricanes during the fall season can significantly impact businesses. Damaging wind gusts can lead to severe property damage, supply chain disruptions, and widespread power outages, disrupting operations and causing substantial financial losses. Extended power outages can shut down operations and impact your bottom line. Businesses that are not prepared risk making poor critical operational and safety-related decisions. Timely and precise information from AccuWeather For Business will allow businesses to make proactive decisions, protect their employees and customers, and reduce overall financial risk and liability.

wires down due to windstorm

3. Frost and Cold Snaps: As the temperatures drop in fall, frost and cold snaps can affect various industries, from agriculture to energy. Frosts can cause damage to crops, particularly in agriculture-dependent industries. The resulting losses can affect the availability and cost of raw materials, impacting production and supply chains. Cold temperatures can lead to increased energy consumption for heating, which can escalate operational costs. Additionally, the potential for frozen pipes and equipment failures poses risks to infrastructure and business continuity. Businesses must take proactive measures, such as insulation and frost protection, to mitigate these impacts, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of operations during the fall season. AccuWeather's detailed weather data can help you plan for these temperature fluctuations, reducing the risk of frost damage to crops and enabling energy companies to manage demand spikes during cold snaps better.

Frost covering crops

4. Wildfires: Fall is also a wildfire season in some regions. But you don’t have to be in the path of a wildfire to be impacted by one.  Smoke and poor air quality resulting from wildfires can lead to health concerns for employees, potentially reducing productivity and increasing absenteeism. In areas prone to wildfires, businesses may also face evacuation orders or road closures, disrupting operations and supply chains. Property damage from fires can result in substantial financial losses, and the costs of recovery and rebuilding can strain budgets. Businesses may see higher insurance premiums in wildfire-prone regions, adding to operational costs. In response to these risks, it's crucial for businesses to have robust wildfire mitigation strategies in place, such as AccuWeather's Wildfire Suite of services, to minimize the impact of wildfires on operations and employee safety during the fall season.

wildfire in california

5. Seasonal Allergies and Health Concerns: Fall weather can continue to exacerbate seasonal allergies, affecting employee health and productivity. Increased allergens like pollen and mold spores during the fall season can lead to more employees experiencing allergy symptoms. This can lead to higher absenteeism rates and reduced work efficiency as employees may need to take sick days or manage their symptoms while working. Allergy-related health issues can also lead to increased healthcare costs for both employees and employers. To mitigate these impacts, businesses may consider implementing policies and practices that accommodate employees with allergies, such as flexible work arrangements or improved indoor air quality measures. Using AccuWeather's pollen and allergen forecasts can help to keep your workforce healthy and productive.

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Superior Accuracy: Better informed. Better Protected. Better Prepared

When developing your business continuity plan, it's essential to consider all weather risks. Your business can make data-driven decisions, reduce operational costs and, most importantly, protect lives, assets and your business's reputation. 

AccuWeather For Business can give you site-specific, down to your specific asset, to help prevent fewer false alarms and fewer shutdowns, ultimately saving you money. Be proactive with AccuWeather's SkyGuard® Notifications, which will deliver the most accurate and most advance warnings well before severe weather hits, giving you much-needed time to be prepared. 

Be the best prepared for fall weather hazards. Find out how AccuWeather For Business and AccuWeather’s SkyGuard Notifications can help protect your people, property and profits. Speak to an expert today. 

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