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Nicole makes landfall in Florida, bringing dangerous impacts before moving up the East Coast


Nicole makes landfall in Florida as Category 1 hurricane, businesses up the East Coast should prepare for heavy rain, strong winds, and flooding through the weekend.

Key Highlights

Threats:Heavy rainfall, flash flooding, damaging winds, power outages, road closures, coastal flooding, storm surge

States affected: FL, East Coast

When: Thursday, November 10 - Sunday, November 13


Nicole made landfall Thursday morning as a Category 1 hurricane, bringing dangerous storm surge, heavy rain, and flooding. Businesses in Florida and along the East Coast should prepare for the impacts of this storm throughout the weekend. 

page-6-Nov-10-2022-10-53-41-8521-AMBusiness in these areas should anticipate impacts from heavy rain, coastal flooding, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes. Nicole remains a 1 on the AccuWeather RealImpact™ Scale for Hurricanes in the United States. AccuWeather's unique scale communicates a more comprehensive representation of a storm's potential impact on businesses so you can make informed weather-impacted Nicole will bring up to 8 inches of rain across Florida and up the East coast through New England. Heavier rainfall totals are forecast to occur near the landfall point, along the Appalachian Mountains and from eastern Ohio to southeastern New York, with an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 15 inches in the southeastern U.S. Flooding is a concern in spots, especially if heavy rain falls over the same areas impacted a few weeks ago by Ian.

page-5-Nov-10-2022-10-53-27-4506-AMBusinesses along the coast should also be prepared for storm surges from Nicole. AccuWeather meteorologists predict a storm surge of up to 6 feet in some areas along the East Coast. page-3-Nov-10-2022-10-52-45-9014-AMBusinesses should also be prepared for strong winds near landfall and up the East Coast, with AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 100 mph. The strong winds can bring down trees and cause power outages in Florida and portions of the East Coast.

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Businesses in Florida and surrounding states will need to keep a close eye on this storm and should: 

  • Determine hazards your location is most vulnerable to during a hurricane
  • Perform a vulnerability assessment of all equipment, processes, and operations
  • Winds and flying debris will cut power, which may not be restored immediately
  • Stay away from floodwaters

During Hurricane Ian, AccuWeather For Business customers with AssetReport™ were able to use our superior hurricane forecast track to automatically identify company assets at risk and see what storm surge, wind, and rainfall were expected over a specific timeframe. AccuWeather's sources allowed clients to be better prepared, with access to our world-class meteorologists 24/7 during the storm

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