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Significant flooding contributes to the ongoing water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi



A one-two punch has made the water situation in Jackson, Mississippi, even worse when additional flooding further damages the water treatment facility. AccuWeather for Business has the tools you need to plan, prevent and protect your assets when severe weather hits.

Key Highlights

Be Aware: Get alerts when weather events cause business disruptions.

Be Prepared: AccuWeather’s superior accurate forecasts help prepare you for significant weather events.

Critical Tools: AccuWeather for Business offers vital tools to help you make the best weather-impacted decisions.

Contributing to the Crisis

Imagine trying to run your business without any water. That’s what is happening in Jackson, Mississippi. Being unprepared for severe weather can impact your business and life. But when serious weather events happen back-to-back, they can be devastating.  

Business owners and 150,000 residents are facing a continuing water crisis that has left them with no usable running or drinkable water. The main pumps at the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment plant, the city’s main water supply, were severely damaged in late July. Then in late August, major flooding caused a chemical imbalance at the facility, making the water undrinkable.  

People and business owners were left waiting in long lines in the heat, some waiting two hours long, for cases of water. The dire situation has resulted in a loss of revenue, and without clean, reliable water, businesses are struggling to stay open.


Your business can avoid similar situations, like what happened at the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment plant, with proper preparation and planning. AccuWeather for Business can help you:  

  • Identify hazards most likely to impact your location & cause business disruption 
  • Inventory equipment and identify all weather-related thresholds 
  • Identify time needed for equipment shutdowns

AccuWeather for Business can keep you informed to make the best weather-impacted decisions for your people and your business. 

Be prepared and stay safe with SkyGuard® Warnings:

  • Proactive, site-specific alerts offer advance warnings well before severe weather impacts occur
  • Live one-on-one or group consultation is provided by our weather experts anytime, day or night
  • Alerts are delivered in a format that aligns with your organizational emergency management plan
  • All-clear notifications are delivered when a threat is over, minimizing weather-related downtime
  • All alerts are delivered via push notification from the SkyGuard mobile app, available on Android and iOS

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Be aware, be prepared, and be safe with AccuWeather for Business.

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