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Historic flooding hits Dallas-Fort Worth, AccuWeather alerts businesses days in advance



Heavy rainfall leads to intense flash-flooding in north Texas, AccuWeather provided businesses with earlier warnings and more accurate forecasts

Key Highlights

Extreme rainfall rates of 2-4 inches per hour, as accurately forecast by AccuWeather

AccuWeather meteorologists provided more advance notice, highlighting the risk for serious flooding days in advance

SkyGuard® customers were alerted to the immediate risk of flash flooding

Dangerous and destructive flash-flooding

Several inches of rain fell in a short amount of time in northern Texas on Aug. 21-22 causing historic flash flooding and at least one death. The lone-star state saw 4 to 8 inches of heavy downpours with AccuWeather meteorologists accurately forecasting extreme rainfall rates of 2-4 inches per hour. The area also saw significant flash flooding that endangered lives, damaged property, and caused a nightmare for highway drivers. At least one person was killed.


Advance notice matters

AccuWeather meteorologists provided greater notice, highlighting the risk for serious flooding days in advance, providing better descriptions of heavy rain impact and more timely warnings. Once the heavy rain began, our forecasters provided 26 minutes in parts of Dallas and 14 minutes of additional advance notice on imminent flash flooding in Fort Worth compared to other sources. 

Six days earlier, AccuWeather alerted business customers to the event with the potential for flooding in the Dallas Metroplex. A Storm Potential Notice (SPN) was issued to AccuWeather for Business customers almost three days before the event and correctly predicted a widespread zone of 4-8 inches of rain would cause significant flooding. This notice enabled customers to automatically use the AccuWeather AssetReport™ to identify specific company assets at risk, how much rain was expected, and over what timeframe.TXFloodingAug22b


AccuWeather SkyGuard® customers were alerted to the immediate risk for flash flooding in parts of the Dallas area well before flash flooding was reported and 26 minutes earlier than other sources. Likewise, in parts of Fort Worth, AccuWeather meteorologists provided 14 minutes of additional advance notice. This valuable additional time gave people in the area more time to seek higher ground, avoid roadways and generally enhance safety and reduce risk.

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