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From snowfall to profit: Monetizing winter trends across industries



Winter doesn’t have to hurt your business. Companies across various industries can turn winter challenges into profitable opportunities.

Key Highlights

Understanding winter trends can help companies capitalize on seasonal trends.

Businesses need to adapt to winter challenges to ensure business continuity.

Optimizing supply chains, implementing efficient logistics, and ensuring employee safety are vital for businesses during winter.


As winter approaches, businesses across various industries have a unique opportunity to capitalize on seasonal trends associated with snowfall. There are diverse ways companies can turn winter challenges into profitable opportunities, leveraging the insights provided by AccuWeather's proven Superior Accuracy™.

Understanding Winter Trends

Winter exposes distinct trends affecting various industries, ranging from retail and hospitality to transportation, to name a few. The challenges posed by snowfall create a dynamic environment where businesses can adapt and leverage insights to make a profit. 

  • Retail: Winter weather can disrupt retail operations, affecting inventory and staffing. Strategic planning based on accurate weather forecasts from AccuWeather can empower retailers to adjust their strategies, ensuring optimal inventory levels and staffing during peak winter conditions. Retailers can also use winter and cold temperatures to their advantage. Offering products to customers, such as coats, boots, salt, and shovels, can attract customers and maintain sales momentum even in adverse weather.
  • Transportation: Transportation services can introduce specialized winter services tailored to winter challenges to meet the unique needs of customers when snow and ice become a problem. By anticipating snowstorm patterns, transportation services can adjust schedules, making sure they are running on time, minimizing fuel consumption and contributing to cost savings. Some transportation services can also profit by providing crucial services such as delivering food and pharmaceuticals to customers in need. 
  • Home Improvement and Maintenance: Businesses can help customers ensure their home is winter-ready with professional winterization services. This includes offering insulation installation and HVAC check-ups. Businesses can also help customers save on energy bills by offering energy-efficient products, from weather-stripping to thermal curtains.
  • Hospitality and restaurants: Hotels and resorts can offer winter-related packages to attract customers. Also, restaurants can offer winter-inspired menus and delivery services to increase profits. Depending on the location, this could include ice skating, snowshoeing, or guided winter hikes. 
  • Tire Shops: Tire shops can launch winter-specific promotions and discounts on snow tires, chains, and winterization services. Encourage customers to prepare their vehicles for winter conditions by offering package deals or discounted installation services. Businesses can offer roadside assistance to people who may get stuck on the side of the road during a snowstorm. 
  • Snow Removal: Expand your services beyond traditional snow plowing. Consider offering a comprehensive package including snow shoveling, de-icing, and roof-clearing services. Providing a one-stop solution for all winter-related needs can make your business more attractive to clients. Encourage clients to sign pre-season contracts for snow removal services. Offer discounts or exclusive benefits for those who commit to your services before the winter season begins. This secures business in advance and provides a predictable revenue stream. 

Optimizing operations

Navigating operations during snowfall necessitates strategic planning for businesses across diverse Industries. Proactive measures, such as optimizing supply chains, implementing efficient logistics, and ensuring employee safety, are vital to maintaining seamless operations. By anticipating the challenges posed by snowfall, businesses can make informed decisions to mitigate disruptions and enhance overall efficiency. Real-time monitoring of weather conditions, like that provided by AccuWeather, and timely adjustments to transportation and staffing plans allow organizations to stay agile and responsive. Investing in winter-specific equipment and training programs can further bolster preparedness, ensuring businesses are well-equipped to handle the unique demands that snowfall can impose on their operations. Through comprehensive planning and flexibility, businesses can optimize their operations during snowfall, fostering resilience and sustaining productivity even in adverse weather conditions.

The value of AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service

The value of AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service, with proven Superior Accuracy, can provide you with the most accurate forecasts and set you up to make the best decisions for your business. AccuWeather serves hundreds of businesses and has a 97% renewal rate.  Our service cost is modest - while the payback is incredibly valuable to you.  

To make the best decisions every time, you need the Superior Accuracy of AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service. Study after study shows that AccuWeather provides the most accurate, precise, and detailed forecasts, which give you an exclusive umbrella of protection. 

Independent studies show that AccuWeather’s forecasts are significantly more accurate and more valuable than all other sources. Last winter, AccuWeather’s average error for start and end times for snow and ice was just 1½ hours compared to an average error of more than 3 hours from other sources.

Virtually eliminate the chance of being surprised by snow and ice and turn winter challenges into profitable opportunities. Start making the best decision for your business this winter. Consult one of our experts today to learn more. 

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