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Dangerous heat wave hitting Northeast this weekend

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A recording setting heat wave is set to impact major metropolitan cities over the weekend pushing temperature into the triple digits.

Key Highlights

Threats: Heat-related illness, power outages, transportation delays

States affected: PA, VA, MA, RI, NY, NJ

When: Friday, July 22- Sunday, July 24

Summer Sizzle

By Sunday, some 160 million Americans could be experiencing AccuWeather RealFeel® temperatures of 100 degrees or higher, as an intense heat wave rolls across the Northeast. Cities such as Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York, New York; and Boston, Massachusetts, will be facing record-breaking temperatures as the mercury rises in the afternoon. The central Appalachians can also experience daytime high temperatures near 90 degrees. However, some relief will come in the form of rain. On Sunday afternoon and evening, widespread thunderstorms may erupt across western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania. Thunderstorms are expected farther south and east across New England and the mid-Atlantic Monday into Tuesday. But the consecutive days of extreme heat will create dangerous conditions. Heat-related illnesses can occur, especially for vulnerable groups and those without air conditioning. The rising temperatures will also bring an increased risk of rolling blackouts due to increased energy demand. Also, train service in the region may be disrupted as rails expand due to the extreme heat.


This heat is expected to be historic. Philadelphia has declared a heat emergency through Sunday evening. If Philadelphia reaches 100 F Sunday, as predicted by AccuWeather, it would be the first time reaching the century mark since July 2012. In New York City, the heat wave could be the longest in nearly 10 years. The last time New York City strung together seven consecutive days with highs of 90 F or greater was July 2013.

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Businesses in the area need to keep a close eye on this system and should:

  • Prepare for business interruption due to extended power outages 
  • Expect ground logistics disruption due to road closures
  • Ensure all employees and visitors on-site have a way to be notified of severe weather


Be prepared. Partner with our experts.

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