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Damaging wind event this weekend for the Ohio Valley


Travel disruptions, localized wind damage, and even lakeshore flooding are all anticipated with this Sunday’s major wind event

Key Highlights

Threats: Wind damage, lakeshore flooding, localized tree damage

States affected: IL, IN, MI, OH, WV, PA, NY

When: Sunday, November 15

A powerful storm is expected to track up into the Ohio Valley this weekend, with strong winds from the Plains to the Appalachians on Sunday.

Winds may also be strong enough to cause some tree damage and sporadic power outages across the region.

  • Expect ground logistics disruption due to road closures, downed trees, and power outages – especially along the I-95 corridor
  • Temporary COVID-19 response structures will be especially at risk in high winds
  • Flight delays are possible in Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit and Buffalo

Motorists traveling through the region may encounter difficult driving due to strong crosswinds. Air travelers should also be prepared for potential flight delays. 

The strongest winds of 70 mph will occur downwind of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Winds of 60 mph are expected from portions of eastern Illinois through western New York, downwind of Lake Superior, and downwind of Lake Michigan. Storm driven winds to 60 mph will also occur across the I-95 corridor Sunday afternoon and evening. Winds will gradually diminish for all areas by Sunday evening.

History repeats itself

On a December morning in 2019, a strong storm moved across the Great Lakes with an associated cold front extending southward through the Ohio Valley. As this front progressed quickly eastward, it led to widespread 55 mph winds with localized gusts to 70 mph. AccuWeather’s SkyGuard® high wind warnings provided advance notice to several businesses in the area affected by this threatening wind event, protecting people and assets.

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