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Climate change and the impact on tornado behavior

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The number of tornadoes is increasing, and some researchers are working to discover if climate change is the reason.

Key Highlights

An average of 1,200 tornadoes strike each year, and that number is increasing

Recent studies show that climate change is impacting temperature and moisture in the atmosphere

Climate change may alter the timing and location of tornadoes

Climate Change and Tornado Behavior

Tornadoes can cause your business extensive damage, not only to property but also financially. An average of 1,200 tornadoes strike each year. So far in 2023, more than 400 tornadoes have spawned nationwide. The number of twisters is increasing, and some researchers are working to discover if climate change is the reason. AccuWeather For Business can help keep your business better informed and protected when tornadoes are in the forecast

Climate change is causing differences in temperature and moisture in the atmosphere. The air can hold more moisture as the planet continues to warm, creating more favorable conditions for tornadoes. As a result, tornadoes are becoming more frequent and intense in areas where the climate is warmer and wetter. In addition to this, climate change is also altering wind patterns in the atmosphere. Wind shear, or the difference in wind speed and direction between different layers of the atmosphere, is a critical factor in tornado formation and intensity. As the climate changes, atmospheric circulation patterns shift, which could lead to changes in wind shear and, as a result, tornado behavior.

Evidence also suggests that climate change may alter the timing and location of tornadoes. In recent years, some areas have experienced tornado outbreaks outside their traditional tornado seasons, suggesting that tornadoes may become less predictable as the planet get warmer. Some experts also believe climate change is behind the shift in Tornado Alley

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