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AccuWeather teams up with global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk



AccuWeather is now partnered with Trade Desk to provide data for more precise and relevant digital advertising.

Key Highlights

Weather is a critical factor in all your business' advertising decisions

Joining forces with The Trade Desk means better advertising results

Better weather data helps businesses target customers with the right information at the right time

Two Industry Leaders Join Forces

Marketers and media buyers can now directly leverage the AccuWeather Data Suite in The Trade Desk platform. The Trade Desk is the first DSP to gain access to the global AccuWeather Data Suite. It is available globally, including in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and more. What does this mean for your business? 

Weather is the underlying decision-maker, and brands increasingly use AccuWeather's data portfolio to help enhance advertising results. Combining a proven lead in the weather industry and a global media publisher like AccuWeather with a global advertising technology leader like The Trade Desk will enable buyers within the TTD platform to leverage the AccuWeather Data Suite for more precise and relevant advertising.  Our Real-time, hyper-localized, refined weather data and forecasts can make advertising more effective, enabling businesses to better target customers with the right information at the precise moment it matters the most.

The AccuWeather Data Suite includes weather conditions (temperature, precipitation, wind, etc.), related health risks, mood and lifestyle activities (allergy, UV, arthritis, golf, hair frizz, landscaping, etc.), and customized segments based on advertising objectives. The AccuWeather Data Suite, available through The Trade Desk, can be leveraged by marketers and media buyers across channels, including display, video, mobile, and CTV. AccuWeather data is privacy-conscious and does not use personally identifiable information or past-action cookies.

Marketers and media buyers can benefit from accessing the AccuWeather Data Suite through The Trade Desk in several ways, including:

  • Global scale
  • Pricing efficiency
  • Current and future forecasting (e.g., today, tomorrow, weekend; climate, wildfire, flood, risk, and other custom segments)
  • Option to create custom data segments based on specific marketing needs

“Weather offers important, privacy-conscious data points that can dynamically change the creative and message of a campaign to make it more relevant to the audience. We are thrilled to welcome AccuWeather’s Data Suite to our stable of data partners that our advertising clients can leverage to make the most informed buys possible,” says Jay Goebel, GM of Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk.                     

Want to learn more about how AccuWeather For Business can give you and your company a competitive advantage? We have the most complete and detailed high-resolution historical weather and environmental database available anywhere in the world. Contact us today to learn more.

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