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AccuWeather brings up-to-the-minute forecasting to Central and South America

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AccuWeather’s MinuteCast comes to Latin America, bringing a first-of-its-kind forecasting solution for the region.

Key Highlights

Many countries in Central and South America struggle with short-term forecasting

AccuWeather is now the sole provider of up-to-the-minute precipitation forecasts in that region

MinuteCast® provides superior, detailed forecasts up to four hours ahead of time

Time for much-needed technology

Across some parts of Central and South America, forecasting the daily weather can be a challenge. Some areas lack crucial technology such as radar systems, which are needed to deliver key weather data to businesses and residents. In some cities the only weather station is at the local airport, making forecasts only regional instead of for precise locations. Weather forecasts come from local television or government agencies, but unfortunately at times there is little advance warning for severe weather due to the lack of technology. This can lead to devastating loss of life and property when dangerous weather strikes with short notice, such as severe flooding. Improving forecasting helps prevent tragedies by ensuring communities get the advance notice necessary to prepare for storms and get important safety information in time. 

AccuWeather is helping to change all this with our groundbreaking technology. This month, MinuteCast – with its advanced radar capabilities – debuted across Latin America, making it the sole provider of up-to-the-minute precipitation forecasts with Superior Accuracy™ for the region.​​ These new tools will deliver detailed forecasts and radar to Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and additional North American locations, making AccuWeather the only source of short-term forecasts for some of these areas. 

Our MinuteCast tool offers superior minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts four hours ahead of when weather will happen. This service couldn’t come at a better time for Central and South America, as October closes out the rainiest season of the year. According to our expert meteorologists, mudslides and flooding can be catastrophic to several areas, such as northern Chile, where it takes very little rain to cause dangerous flooding problems.


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