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Lightning Strike Sparks Chemical Tank Fire, Highlights Need for Businesses to Better Prepare for Severe Weather



A recent incident in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where a lightning strike caused a chemical storage tank fire, highlights the critical need for weather risk mitigation.

Key Highlights

Lightning protection measures are crucial for safeguarding businesses and employees from potential disasters caused by lightning strikes

Comprehensive lightning protection systems can mitigate financial losses, operational disruptions and ensure business continuity

Advanced lightning detection technology can enhance safety measures and protect businesses and employees from lightning-related hazards

In early June 2023, a lightning strike at the Calcasieu Refining facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana, resulted in a fire at a chemical storage tank. While no injuries were reported, the incident served as a powerful reminder of the importance of implementing measures to protect businesses and employees from the risks of lightning strikes.

Lightning Strikes: The Threat to Business and Employees

Lightning strikes pose a significant threat to businesses of all sizes and industries. With their immense power and destructive potential, lightning bolts can cause fires, explosions, electrical surges, and structural damage. The incident at Calcasieu Refining is an example of the havoc that a single lightning strike can unleash. Implementing effective lightning protection measures becomes paramount to ensure business continuity, employee safety, and asset protection.

Mitigating Financial Losses and Operational Disruptions

Businesses impacted by lightning strikes often suffer substantial financial losses due to property damage, equipment destruction, and downtime. Insurance claims may cover some of the costs, but the resulting disruptions can have long-lasting effects on operations and profitability. By investing in weather risk mitigation services, businesses can minimize the risk of lightning-related incidents and safeguard their assets, reducing the financial burden and maintaining uninterrupted operations.

Ensuring Employee Safety

The safety of employees should always be a top priority for any business. Lightning strikes endanger physical structures and pose a significant risk to individuals. Businesses can effectively protect employees and keep them safer from lightning-related hazards by implementing appropriate safety protocols, such as lightning detection and warning systems. Training programs that educate employees on lightning safety procedures and evacuation protocols enhance their awareness and preparedness.

Protect Your Employees and Property with AccuWeather’s SkyGuard® Warnings

AccuWeather For Business SkyGuard alerts and warnings are an innovative solution designed to enhance business lightning protection measures. It utilizes state-of-the-art lightning detection technology, providing real-time information and alerts about lightning activity in specific areas. By integrating SkyGuard into their safety protocols, businesses can proactively monitor and respond to lightning threats, ensuring the highest level of protection for their employees and assets.

AccuWeather’s lightning warnings will give you a competitive advantage because of our minutes, not miles, approach. You don't have to sacrifice safety for outdoor productivity. This means more timely shutdowns to maximize productivity. Each notification's “start time” is when AccuWeather meteorologists forecast the hazard to meet your threshold, depending on how fast the storm moves. For example, AccuWeather will alert you when a storm capable of producing lightning moving at 20 mph will impact your location in 30 minutes.

Is your business ready when lightning strikes? AccuWeather For Business can help your organization be better prepared for severe weather and help keep your employees safer. Demo SkyGuard today.

Is your business ready for lightning strikes? 

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