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Heat-related deaths highlight the need for businesses to protect employees



The heat-related deaths of two workers highlight the need for businesses to take extra measures to keep employees safer during extreme temperatures.

Key Highlights

Two workers died as a result of extreme heat in the summer of 2023.

Scorching temperatures claimed an average of 158 lives per year from 1992 through 2021.

Extreme heat presents many challenges for businesses across various industries.

As the scorching temperatures of the summer of 2023 continue to impact businesses across the United States, the extreme heat led to the death of employees in different sectors. These incidents shed light on the need for businesses to protect the safety and well-being of their workforce, especially when working in soaring temperatures. AccuWeather For Business can help companies protect their employees from the dangers of extreme heat.

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Extreme heat tops the list of weather-related deaths

These incidents are not isolated. Extreme heat claims more lives in the United States each year than any other weather-related hazard. Scorching temperatures claimed an average of 158 lives per year from 1992 through 2021, according to a new study. That surpasses the annual death tolls caused by flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes and lightning during the same period. 

Recent workplace heat-related deaths 

In Texas, a driver died while delivering packages in sweltering conditions. Temperatures reached over 100 degrees. He notified his supervisors that he wasn’t feeling well, and they provided him with water and a cooler environment. However, those measures weren’t enough, and he later died.

At a distribution center in Tennessee, an employee died after being overheated on the job. He tried to cool off in another area of the building, but it lacked air conditioning. The temperature reached 102 degrees.

AccuWeather For Business exclusive services provide accurate, real-time weather information and forecasts, giving businesses the information they need to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to protect their workforce.

What other consequences for businesses?

Extreme heat presents many challenges for businesses across various industries.

  • Reduced Productivity: Industries that rely on outdoor operations, such as construction or utility companies, may experience reduced productivity during heat waves.
  • Impact on Supply Chains: Extreme heat can disrupt supply chains, especially in regions prone to heat waves. 

  • Increased Energy Demand: As temperatures soar, there is an upsurge in energy consumption for cooling purposes. This heightened demand strains power grids, potentially leading to power outages and affecting businesses reliant on a consistent energy supply.

  • Financial Losses: Extreme heat can cause financial losses in several ways, including crop failures in agriculture, reduced foot traffic for businesses dependent on tourism and increased maintenance costs for damaged infrastructure.

Here's how AccuWeather can make a difference:

  • Accurate Weather Forecasts: AccuWeather's precise forecasts ensure that companies are well-prepared for upcoming heat waves and can adjust schedules and work environments.

  • Heat Stress Awareness: AccuWeather provides essential information about heat indexes, helping businesses identify when conditions are unsafe for work. This allows employers to implement heat stress prevention measures promptly. 

  • Customized Alerts: AccuWeather offers customized alerts, so that employers and employees receive timely notifications about changing weather conditions, allowing them to react quickly to protect themselves.

Extreme heat can lead to intense heat waves that can impact energy demand, consumer buying behavior, labor scheduling and other essential tasks you manage every day. AccuWeather For Business uses enhanced techniques to produce a single historical, current and predicted weather data database to help your business achieve long-term strategic success.

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