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AccuWeather helps flooring company boost productivity, reduce downtime

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Featured Testimonial

"The biggest impact we have seen is the reduction in the sheltering in several of our facilities in high tornado areas…This has improved our productivity and reduced our downtime, not to mention the associates like it that they are not in shelters for extended periods of time when not necessary. "

Jeff Romine

CSP, CPEA, CSMP, Sr. Corporate Environmental, Health & Safety Manager - Compliance, Shaw Industries Group, Inc


False alarms and unnecessary shutdowns from government-issued watches and warnings turned into lost productivity and profit. Shaw Industries also needed a way to communicate these warnings to employees because the weather radios they were using weren’t being heard, which put employee safety at risk. 


AccuWeather For Business meteorologists worked with Shaw to develop pinpoint warnings for their specific locations, not just a broad area. As a result, Shaw is now confident about when to shut down and when to shelter. AccuWeather follows up with safety officials until they acknowledge they have received a warning so warnings are effectively communicated and are noticed.

Partnering with AccuWeather For Business has been a game-changer for Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Before becoming a client, safety officials like Shaw’s Senior Corporate Environmental, Health & Safety Manager Jeff Romine relied solely on government warnings as the source for weather information and notices. His employees only used weather radios to get their information, and those radio alerts were rarely heard. 

Now, Shaw uses AccuWeather’s SkyGuard® Warnings service, receiving site-specific warnings and forecasts focused on their locations and the weather that affects them. And with AccuWeather following up with safety officials until they acknowledge receiving a notification, Romine doesn’t have to worry about whether his team can hear the radio alerts. 

What impresses Romine most is the user-friendly AccuWeather For Business Portal. "The ease of use of the system is also a big plus. It is a clean radar that you can customize quickly to fit what you want to see," Romine said. The AccuWeather For Business Portal allows businesses like Shaw to create customizable dashboards that provide a snapshot of weather information relevant to their specific needs. Companies can choose the metrics they want to track, such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and more. The portal provides all the information you need to make the best weather-impactedskyguard-phone decisions at your fingertips. Romine says adding or removing people as they come or leave is easy, and he can quickly train someone to do the site administration. Romine also likes that he can constantly monitor weather issues at Shaw's locations through the SkyGuard app. 

With AccuWeather SkyGuard Warnings, Shaw has maintained business continuity by reducing sheltering time to only one to two times a year and shutdown time from 45 to 25 minutes at Shaw Industries facilities in high-risk tornado areas.

It's not just services that Romaine is impressed with at AccuWeather; it's also the people. "When we have used the meteorologist services for our hurricane calls, they have added excellent value to our discussion and questions," Romine said. "The response to any issue or question is promptly handled and addressed." 

Your business can receive the same benefits by becoming an AccuWeather For Business client. Be proactive with AccuWeather SkyGuard Warnings backed by Superior Accuracy™, which will deliver site-specific alerts and warnings well before severe weather hits, giving you more time to prepare. 

Want to learn more about how we can help your business? Demo SkyGuard today and protect your business, employees, and assets.


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