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AccuWeather Alerts First: Businesses Get Advance Notice of Typhoon Mawar’s Impact on Guam



AccuWeather For Business' accurate forecasts, backed by Superior Accuracy™, provided advance notice of Typhoon Mawar's impact on Guam, allowing businesses to better prepare and minimize disruptions.

Key Highlights

Advanced notice allowed businesses in Guam to activate emergency response plans and protect their operations and employees

Precise forecasts allowed industries such as tourism, hospitality, and transportation to adapt their services and ensure the safety of residents and visitors

Businesses were able to mitigate risks, minimize disruptions, and navigate the challenges posed by Typhoon Mawar

AccuWeather Alerts First

Last week, Guam was battered by Typhoon Mawar, which brought with it powerful winds and a destructive storm surge. According to meteorologists at AccuWeather, this cyclone is believed to be the most potent to hit the islands in many decades, causing life-threatening floods and destructive winds.

Alerting businesses first with timely and accurate weather information is crucial. AccuWeather For Business was a game-changer for companies as Typhoon Mawar approached Guam, providing businesses with advance notice.  AccuWeather's team of expert meteorologists alerted businesses well in advance, allowing them to prepare for the storm's impact and mitigate potential risks.

Early Warnings and Accurate Forecasts

As early as May 10, AccuWeather For Business meteorologists began issuing their Latest Typhoon Update, highlighting the possibility of tropical cyclone development in the West Pacific basin near Guam around May 20-21. These daily updates served as a valuable resource, offering businesses a heads-up on the potential weather threats.

Enhanced Forecasting

By May 19, AccuWeather meteorologists had refined their forecasting models. This allowed them to issue specific warnings to clients in Guam, notifying them that a tropical system would impact the area by May 23. The accuracy and precision of these forecasts provided businesses with a clear understanding of the imminent danger and an opportunity to prepare accordingly.

Superior Accuracy™ Saves Businesses

AccuWeather's Superior Accuracy provided businesses with the information to safeguard their operations and assets. With this advance notice, companies across Guam could activate emergency response plans, secure their premises, and protect their employees. Industries such as tourism, hospitality, and transportation were able to adapt their services, ensuring the safety of both residents and visitors.

Minimizing Disruption

AccuWeather For Business's accurate and timely information allowed businesses to minimize disruption by proactively addressing potential risks. By adjusting their operations and implementing safety measures, companies were better equipped to navigate the storm's impact and ensure the continuity of their services.

The Reliability of AccuWeather For Business

In a world where severe weather events can wreak havoc on businesses, having a trusted source to deliver accurate weather information is essential. AccuWeather For Business consistently delivers accurate forecasts, empowering businesses to make informed decisions. By leveraging our patented technology and over 100 expert meteorologists, AccuWeather For Business remains ahead of the storm in supporting businesses worldwide.

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