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WeatherShow Enhancer™ 


Supercharge your weather presentation with AccuWeather’s WeatherShow Enhancer™

If you use WSI or Baron, the AccuWeather touchscreen WeatherShow Enhancer is a must-have addition to your station.

As we all know in local television, winning in the weather is critical to your success. Having the most accurate and hyper-local forecasts, meteorologists who can best communicate and illustrate the latest weather story, and a weather team viewers can depend on and trust during times of severe weather are key to winning the local weather wars.  

The latest version of the WeatherShow Enhancer, with even better capabilities, will ensure that your weather presentation will be better than your competition, with more real-time street-by-street weather data that enhances your current weather systems.  More real-time data also means beating your competitors on the air with breaking weather stories.  Weather information changes right up to the second when you are live on the air.  The WeatherShow Enhancer doesn’t replace your current systems, it adds to it.    

  • Better Special Effects and Interactivity

    • More Motion – All by touch
    • Spotlight – Telestrate tools by touch
    • More Live Video - Get 6 live video inputs
    • Multiple Screens - Multiple screens allow you to show 4, 8, or 16 screens all in one and focus in or out on any of them or group in any order
    • Better Graphics - Enlarge or shrink graphics or videos simply by touch
    • Better Street-level Reporting – Give viewers a better picture of the scene
  • Superior Severe Weather Coverage

    • More information - In some cases, more up-to-date than you get now

    • Amplify your current weather system - Put additional severe weather capabilities in the hands of your talent

    • More Screens - Unique 4-screen display of severe weather components

    WX Creator - Network
  • New and Exclusive in 2024

    • Ambient Weather - AccuWeather announces an exclusive partnership with Ambient Weather, the leader in local weather stations, giving you exclusively the densest network of street by street™ weather data that will give your viewers the greatest coverage of real-time, hyperlocal conditions in your DMA, showing literally street by street variations.

    • AccuWeather MinuteCast® - A patented hyperlocal, Minute-by-Minute™ forecast of precipitation type and intensity for the next 2 hours across your DMA.

    • AccuWeather WinterCast™ - Snow amounts are among the items of greatest interest to your audience. This unique tool shows the probabilities of various snow amounts ahead of storms.
MinuteCast v02

AccuWeather MinuteCast®

For the first time, you will get access to AccuWeather MinuteCast, a patented hyperlocal, Minute-by-Minute™ localized forecast of precipitation type and intensity and duration for the next four hours.


Breaking News and Weather

The most granular level of worldwide street labeling provides the ability to pan and zoom into any neighborhood in the world with greater localization and more detailed mapping.  When every second counts, get critical information on air faster, in a clearer, immediately comprehensible way. Deliver hyper-local coverage, zooming into neighborhoods anywhere in the world on our detailed maps. And as severe weather makes rapid shifts, you can update viewers in real-time.   

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See It in Action

The Weather Show Enhancer’s amazing capabilities are something you have to see to believe. Don’t wait. Request more information or schedule a private demonstration today. 

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