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Stay informed and ahead of the storm with

AccuWeather's 2024 Spring Forecast and Severe Weather Outlook Webinar

We may be in the middle of winter, but it’s never too early to prepare for spring. Warmer weather is coming, but spring also brings severe weather that could significantly impact your organization. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, and floods can disrupt operations, damage infrastructure, and threaten lives. This can't-miss webinar will keep you one step ahead.

During this webinar, you will get: 

  • Latest Insights: Receive a hyper-accurate, hyper-detailed seasonal forecast.
  • Severe Weather Preview: Get a sneak peek of the season's expected activity.
  • Continuity Tips: Learn about the challenges your organization may face and how to navigate them.
  • Risk Mitigation Tips: Discover how AccuWeather’s severe weather warnings can safeguard your operations and bottom line.

Stay ahead of the storm with AccuWeather, with proven Superior Accuracy™. Our severe weather warnings will help protect your people, property, and profits.

Download a copy of the webinar presentation below.

Download Presentation 

WATCH an on-demand version of the presentation below. 


Meet the Speakers 


Paul Pastelok

Lead U.S. Long-Range Forecaster

Paul Pastelok has been with AccuWeather for 30 years. With experience in commodity and drought forecasting, he leads a team that provides short- to long-range forecasts for locations across the globe, including Europe, Canada, South America, and Asia. He has worked extensively with clients in radio, television, broadcasting and newspapers; he hosts a weekly podcast.





Joseph Bauer

Operational Meteorologist

Joseph Bauer is an operational meteorologist at AccuWeather and a member of the long-range team. Joseph started working with AccuWeather for Business in 2015 as a Storm Warning Meteorologist in Wichita, Kansas. While in Wichita, he forecasted and actively warned about many extreme weather events, from the historic West Coast winter season of 2016-17 to Hurricane Harvey in 2017 to various severe weather events across the Plains. Now, he leverages this experience with the long-range team to identify the potential for extreme weather events weeks to months ahead of time. 


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Tyler Knowlton

Director of Communications Communities and Partnerships, Plume Labs by AccuWeather

Tyler Knowlton joined the Plume Labs team in 2017 to lead the company’s strategic communications and community engagement efforts. He has over 15 years of experience in public relations, communications, and policy development. Since launching AccuWeather's Climate Impact Program last year he has been connecting journalists, academics, and community groups with the data they need to protect the planet from two of its greatest threats: climate action failure and extreme weather.


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