Forensic Weather Reports

Not all site-specific reports are created equal

Do you know what to look for when requesting a weather report for a case?

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Detailed Reports

We use the best sources of weather information available, including Doppler radar, satellite and other weather charts.

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Tailored Services

We can tailor a specific, custom service to meet your exact

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Formulated Opinions

After we review the data, our team formulates an opinion based on peer-reviewed research, accepted methodology, and experience.

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Exhaustive Data Considered & Cited

Our forensic meteorologists review all available data to prepare our site-specific reports.

AccuWeather can help

The AccuWeather Forensic Team takes great pride in preparing site-specific, unbiased reports that reconstruct the precise weather conditions for the specific address in question—to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty.

Our Forensics ebook includes sample reports for the following:

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Roof Collapse


Slip and Fall

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Automobile Accident


Thunderstorm and Wind




Excessive Rain

Want to learn more?

Download our ebook for a detailed look at what professionals should know about site-specific weather reports.


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