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AccuWeather's forensics: Answering your most frequently asked questions



AccuWeather's Forensic Meteorology team offers comprehensive weather investigations that go beyond traditional data to reconstruct past weather events accurately, making them invaluable as weather consultants and expert witnesses

Key Highlights

AccuWeather's forensic meteorologists provide a more comprehensive and accurate analysis than relying solely on weather data online

With decades of experience and expertise, the AccuWeather team has a strong track record of providing expert meteorological testimony, making them a trusted choice for legal cases

AccuWeather offers specific pricing for common case types, ensuring fair and transparent fees for services related to slip-and-fall incidents, insurance losses and flooding situations

AccuWeather's Forensic Meteorologists are experts in investigating and establishing facts related to past weather events. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they go beyond traditional weather data to reconstruct weather conditions at specific locations. So, what is a forensic meteorologist, and when might you need one? We’re answering your most frequently asked questions.

Question 1: What is a Forensic Meteorologist?

Answer: A forensic meteorologist is a professional who investigates and establishes facts related to past weather events. They reconstruct the weather conditions at a specific time and place, providing crucial insights as weather consultants or expert witnesses in court.

Question 2: Why can't I just rely on weather data online?

Answer: While weather data online is easily accessible, it often comes from various sources such as airport weather stations, weather radar and eyewitness reports. Unfortunately, this data may not accurately portray the conditions at a particular location. Some online sources are unreliable in weather investigations, potentially misrepresenting the event. AccuWeather's Forensics aims to provide a more comprehensive and accurate analysis.forensics-expertise

Question 3: Can I just order weather data?

Answer: Absolutely! AccuWeather's team of forensic meteorologists can consult with you and assist in gathering reliable weather data and records for your legal case or insurance claim. By reaching out to us, we can provide you with a quote for this valuable service.

Question 4: How specific can you really get with the weather?

Answer: AccuWeather's forensic team has decades of experience reconstructing weather events, considering multiple factors specific to a given location. Whether it's the weather conditions at a sidewalk in front of a store, a commercial roof or a highway intersection, our experts have the expertise to go beyond raw data and help tell the comprehensive story of the weather event.

Question 5: What is your education, training and experience?

Answer: AccuWeather's forensic team consists of a PhD and an extensive number of Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCMs). CCMs are the only board-certified consulting meteorologists, and our team boasts the highest number of CCMs compared to any other company. With decades of experience in forecasting and explaining the weather to customers worldwide, our team brings unparalleled expertise to forensic meteorology.

Question 6: What is your testifying experience?

Answer: At AccuWeather, we have a long history of providing expert testimony in meteorology. Our team has testified nationwide and has been designated expert witnesses in the field for decades. If you require more information about our testifying experience, please get in touch with us for further details.

Question 7: What are your fees?

Answer: AccuWeather offers specific pricing for common case types, including flooding, slip-and-fall incidents and insurance losses from hail and wind. We have a rate sheet and fee schedule, which we can happily provide upon request. Please get in touch with us for more information about our fees and pricing structure.

AccuWeather's Forensic Meteorology team brings unparalleled expertise, education and experience. Going beyond traditional weather data, they can reconstruct weather conditions at specific locations and provide a comprehensive analysis of legal cases and insurance claims. Could one of our forensic meteorologists help your case? Request a consultation today to learn more.

Could a forensic meteorologist help your case?

Request a consultation today.