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AccuWeather's Forecasts Alert Businesses to Unhealthy Air Quality, Keeping Workers Safe



AccuWeather For Business played a vital role in accurately predicting and describing the severe wildfire smoke in the Northeast, providing businesses with valuable insights to protect their workers and navigate challenging conditions.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather's forecasts helped businesses to make informed decisions to protect their workers better and maintain operations during poor air quality periods

AccuWeather's insights conveyed the seriousness of the impacts and provided valuable details about improving air quality

AccuWeather offered real-time air quality data and customized alerts, helping companies mitigate health risks, plan operations, and maximize productivity

In early June 2023, the Northeast experienced the most severe wildfire smoke in over two decades, resulting in hazardous air quality. It was so dangerous that it reached record levels in New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., posing significant risks to outdoor workers and the general population. AccuWeather For Business played a crucial role in accurately predicting and describing these unusual events caused by wildfires burning in Canada, becoming an invaluable resource for organizations navigating challenging conditions.

Unmatched Accuracy and Impact of AccuWeather’s Forecasts

AccuWeather's forecasts stood out for their accuracy and clarity as the thick smoke blanketed the Northeast by providing precise information, enabling businesses to make informed decisions to protect their workers better. AccuWeather's forecasts went beyond simply stating the presence of smoke. The language used to describe the situation effectively conveyed the seriousness of the impacts. Each forecast warned that dense smoke would reduce visibility and lead to hazardous air quality.

AccuWeather's detailed forecasts allowed businesses to make informed decisions. The forecasts provided insights into the current air quality conditions and indicated when companies could expect improvements. This valuable information allowed businesses to plan accordingly, reschedule outdoor activities, and prioritize indoor operations during exceptionally poor air quality periods. By doing so, they minimized health risks for their workers and maintained business operations with minimal disruption.

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AccuWeather's Insights: Going Beyond Forecasts

AccuWeather For Business was a reliable and indispensable resource during this crisis, ensuring organizations had the information they needed through actionable and valuable insights.

As the smoke settled in, the pressing question for businesses was when the air quality would improve. AccuWeather's forecasts provided specific information about the improving air quality, stating, "some improvement in air quality with less wildfire smoke." This valuable insight allowed businesses to anticipate when conditions would become safer for outdoor work, ensuring the well-being of their employees.

AccuWeather For Business Air Quality Alerts

Unhealthy air quality can lead to severe health impacts on people and businesses, making it essential to stay updated on the air quality conditions in your area.  AccuWeather For Business Air Quality Alerts is an essential tool that helps companies mitigate these risks by providing real-time air quality data. AccuWeather For Business, in collaboration with Plume Labs, provides superior air pollution forecasts, warnings, and insights. This data is provided to businesses, along with customized alerts based on their location and industry, helping them plan and adjust their operations to maximize productivity and reduce health risks.

Here's an example of AccuWeather’s interactive Air Quality map. Users can zoom in and click on locations to get air quality around the world.

Plume air qualityimage003

This Air Quality Map shows street-by-street air quality with a visual of the up-to-date Air Quality Index or AQI.


Here is a look at AccuWeather’s Smoke Map, showing current fires and Smoke Particle Matter, or Smoke PM.


If your business employs outdoor workers or is in an industry that requires air quality alerts to determine operations – Let's talk about how AccuWeather For Business's Air Quality Alerts can help protect your workers and customers. Contact us today.

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