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Thawing out your Hurricane Playbook



We provide key updates to make to your Hurricane Playbook now that the tropics have once again started heating up.

Key Highlights

Update leadership and emergency call lists

Identify major asset, infrastructure, or personnel changes

Communicate your briefing cadence

Hurricanes can devastate your business. Last year, Hurricane Ian hit the Southwest coast of Florida on September 28 as a Category 4 storm, packing winds of up to 156 mph, heavy rainfall, massive storm surges, and coastal flooding. In the hardest hit areas, nearly 4,000 people were rescued days after the storm, and dozens lost their lives. It's crucial that your business stays informed and AccuWeather's Hurricane Warning Service can get real-time insights to decision-makers when they need it most. 

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As we head into peak hurricane season, here are a few quick suggestions for thawing out your company’s hurricane playbook:

1. Update leadership and emergency call lists

If the forecast changes dramatically or the storm rapidly intensifies, you will need to be able to reach key stakeholders and act quickly. Updating your call lists and ensuring that all key leaders have offline copies of these lists is a simple step that can dramatically impact your early response activities.

2. Identify major asset, infrastructure, or personnel changes

One of the many keys to effective hurricane business impact analyses is an accurate and comprehensive awareness of where your organization could be vulnerable to storm surge, inland flooding, or strong winds. We highly recommend coordinating with your organization’s facilities and human resources groups so that you know how the storm will impact your facilities and your staff.

3. Communicate your briefing cadence

Hurricane forecasts are updated at specific times when new observations and new weather model runs have had time to be received and evaluated by meteorologists. Take time now to remind leadership and emergency planning groups of the time of day they should expect to receive updates so incident response briefing times can be set alongside expectations for new information.

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Superior Accuracy™: Better informed, Better protected, Better prepared for hurricane season

If preparing for a hurricane is outside of your organization’s footprint and you have time to go over your hurricane response procedures, AccuWeather For Business recommends performing a tabletop exercise of your current plan, as well as talking with an AccuWeather meteorologist to ensure that you are making the best use of the weather enterprise’s forecast tools.

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