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First at Forecasting: AccuWeather gives the most advance notice for a dangerous EF3 tornado in a Houston suburb


AccuWeather's expert meteorologists warn 25 minutes or earlier than our competitors about devastating January 24 tornadoes across southeast Texas and issue a life-saving Tornado Warning when no one else did.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather was the ONLY source to provide advance warning of an EF3 tornado in Houston’s Deer Park area

A life-saving SkyGuard® Tornado Warning was issued, giving 15 minutes of advance notice before the tornado moved into the city

AccuWeather exclusively provided 25 minutes of additional valuable time by warning of a tornado in southeastern Houston


AccuWeather's 100+ expert meteorologists provided the most advanced and accurate notice of a series of tornadoes that hit southeastern Texas on January 24, saving lives and providing businesses with extra valuable time to seek shelter and be safer. AccuWeather was the ONLY source to highlight the increasing tornado threat giving people more time to prepare. 

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AccuWeather was the ONLY source to provide any advance warning of the storm's most destructive tornado, an EF3 tornado that moved into Deer Park. 

  • All other sources did not issue a Tornado Warning until the tornado moved into the city limits creating damage and risking lives  
  • Only AccuWeather provided 15 minutes of precious advance notice for people to get to a safe shelter


Minutes earlier, the same tornado ripped through the southeastern part of Houston and Pasadena, TX, damaging commercial warehouses and businesses and overturning semi-trucks and cars on packed highways. 

  • AccuWeather meteorologists issued a SkyGuard® Tornado Warning, which provided nearly 30 minutes of advance notice BEFORE the tornado touched down, while all other sources only provided five minutes of advance notice
  • AccuWeather provided 25 minutes of extra, valuable time compared to all other sources


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The first tornado ripped through the northwest of Eagle Lake in Colorado County, Texas.  

  • AccuWeather meteorologists issued a SkyGuard® Tornado Warning, which provided 35 minutes of advance notice BEFORE the tornado touched down
  • Other sources provided only one-minute advance notice
  • AccuWeather exclusively provided 30 minutes of extra time compared to our competitors.

Tornado Pasadena TX

AccuWeather once again provided customers with precious additional time to better prepare and seek safe shelter – critical when every second counts and lives are on the line.

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Businesses not subscribed to AccuWeather's SkyGuard® Warnings put their businesses, employees, and customers at risk. For example, AccuWeather For Business Portal shows a client's assets and threats before, during, and after the tornado outbreak. The Portal shows the line of storms as it moves through Houston - showing clients which assets are threatened by the storm, minimizing risk, increasing safety, and avoiding unnecessary and costly shutdowns. 


It's proven that AccuWeather's severe weather warnings help businesses stay safer, better prepared, and protect against major profit losses. Be proactive with AccuWeather's SkyGuard® Warnings, which will deliver site-specific alerts and offer warnings well before severe weather hits, along with providing live one-on-one or group consultation by our weather experts anytime, day or night. Clients are sent all-clear notifications when a threat is over, minimizing weather-related downtime. 

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