2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Update

In May, AccuWeather meteorologists forecasted above-normal tropical activity during the 2020 season. At the time of this webinar, we've had twelve named storms. So what does this mean for the rest of the year?

To help your business prepare for hurricane impacts well ahead of the storm, AccuWeather's expert meteorologists hosted a webinar on Wednesday, August 26.


During this exclusive webinar you’ll learn about:

    • Anticipated hotspots for the remainder of the 2020 hurricane season
    • Saharan dust: What it is and how it has influenced tropical development
    • How business and government leaders in areas hit hardest by COVID-19 should adjust their tropical threat response to better manage risk and liability
    • AccuWeather's all-new AssetReport — How organizations proactively manage expected impacts across all of their assets and get the insights to make the best decisions before, during, and after the storm!

Dan Kottlowski - AccuWeather

Lead Hurricane Forecaster, Senior Meteorologist

Dan Kottlowski has 43 years of experience as an operational weather forecaster. Dan leverages both his in-depth understanding of the weather and his masterful communication skills throughout the year as an AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist. During the Atlantic hurricane season, Dan is the lead hurricane forecaster for AccuWeather and coordinates the AccuWeather hurricane team.

Don Coash

Don Coash

AccuWeather For Business Expert, Senior Meteorologist

Don Coash began his career with AccuWeather as a Storm Warning Meteorologist providing a diverse set of organizations with strategic consultation, optimizing weather insights to mitigate their weather-related risks. As an AccuWeather For Business expert, he specializes in developing tailored weather risk management solutions for business applications by utilizing the newest, most innovative tools in weather technology.